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Beauty House is a place where everyone can come together to talk about fashion and beauty, ask for advice, share tips, get opinions... basically just have a great time!
This is NOT a rating community...so there are no applications to be filled out, and no "Accepted", "Rejected" etc. Everybody is welcome!

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Please read the following rules carefully before joining.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNo drama. Treat everybody with respect. Avoid name-calling, insults and the like. This is not the community for it. Critisicm, when necessary, is alright...but don't take it too far. One warning will be issued. Failure to adhere to this will result in your posts being deleted, and you being banned. This is a friendly community. Let's keep it that way.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comUse a LiveJournal cut whenever you post pictures or quiz-results. This prevents your Friends pages from getting clogged up.(If you don't know how to use an LJ cut, read this.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen you first join the community, make an introductory post. (This is optional, but it's good if you follow it) This will help everyone get familiar with each other. Talk about yourself and help us get to know you. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comPlease keep in mind that all the advice and suggestions given out here are not a 100% guarenteed fix. We are not professionals, but we try our best to help. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDo not tYpE lYkE thIs. It can be difficult to understand, and gets annoying for most. So use your grammar!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is a Fashion & Beauty community, so anything even remotely related to it, is permitted. The occasional off-topic is allowed, but please don't flood the community with them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comPromoting other communites is allowed...but only in the Promotions-post...which will be made by me once on every new page.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comPromote us whenever and wherever you can. You can take one from our collection. Please put a banner in your User-info page. Promotional banners are available here.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd MOST importantly, have fun! :)

If you have any problems/suggestions, feel free to email me at mystique87@gmail.com

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